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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • Work to ensure greater and meaningful participation of the stakeholders - trade unions, employers, Government of Gujarat (GOG), Government of India (GOI), other state and national level organizations, International Labour Organization (ILO), and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), in Institute's activities and seek their support including financial support to achieve the objectives of MGLI.
  • Work closely with the Department of Labour and Employment, GOG, Ministry of labour, Government of India and several other Departments and Agencies of both Government of Gujarat and Government of India who are dealing with labour, employment generation, income raising and diversifying activities, and with ILO, UNICEF, at international level.
  • Work for and enter into collaborative arrangements in respect of studies, training programmes and seminars with similar institutions and experts in other states in India and abroad.
  • Manage number of quality training programmes and courses (including short as well as long duration) in areas of industrial safety and occupational health, human resource management, and labour relations.The Institute shall endeavor to introduce new training programmes on the basis of systematic identification of needs.
  • Network with social partners and other concerned institutions and agencies so as to fulfill the role of training of trainer.
  • By instituting awards for establishments / companies / organizations signifying the best practices in respect of industrial relations, productivity, working environment including safety and health and profitability. This award will be given jointly to the employer and the labour. The decisions on activities to be under taken by the institute will be based on direct and indirect consultative process within MGLI, GOG, GOI and others.

Our Mission

Empowering working classes in India in general and Gujarat in particular, to secure justice and access to opportunities to improve their standard of living and working environment through the process of making their contribution to growth and welfare for all, eventually leading to 'decent work' for all in changing socio-economic context and globally competitive environment in economy and the society.

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