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National Seminars / Workshops / Conferences

Subjects Year
1 Migrant Labour and Related issues 1985-86
2 The Problem of the home based worked in india 1985-86
3 Indian Textiles furture : Towards an intersectoral perspective 1986-87
4 Sick Industries Syndrome in India 1988-89
5 Alternative approaches to Employment Generation 1988-89
6 Social Security for the unorganised Labour and the low income self employed persons 1989-90
7 Role of Nehru in promoting Labour movement in India. 1989-90
8 Tripartite workshop on role of employment services in 2001 and beyond 1990-91
9 Psycho-socio and Anthropological Demensions of woman workforce in organised sector 1990-91
10 New Direction in Rural Labour Administration 1991-92
11 Rural Labour Administration jointly with ARPLA (ILO) 1991-92
12 Gandhian Approach to Labour-Philosophy, Practice and Relevance 1991-92
13 Chemical Hezards and Public Safety 1991-92
14 HRD for workers 1993-94
15 Implementation of Pilot Project under NRF 1994-95
16 Implementation of retraining to closed textile mill workers under NRF scheme 1995-96
17 Western Regoinal conference on Industrial Relations in furture of industrial relations 1995-96
18 Displaced worker counselling, retraining and redeployment activities under NRF Project 1996-97
19 Western Region Labour Minister Conference under the chairmanship of Central Labour Minister 1998-99
20 Tripartite National Seminar on Emerging challenges before Labour in the State Level Industrial and Eco-Reforms in india 2002-03
21 Western Region Seminar on Voluntary Scheme and its implications 2002-03
22 Labour laws reforms/procedural reforms made by different state in changed scenario 2003-04
23 Industrial relations, social security for unorganised labour and post judgement-scenario of child labour 2004-05
24 National Seminar on Inspector Raj 2005-06
25 National workshop on implementation or building construction workers Act 1996, Building Construction Walfare Act, Bonded labour Act implementation 2005-06
26 National Seminar on Human Resource Management 2005-06
27 National Seminar on Centers of Excellence for ITIs jointly with Government of India and Director of Employment and Training, Government of Gujarat. 2006-07
28 National Seminar on HRM and Business Process 2007-08
29 National Seminar on Gandhian Concept of Trusteeship : Practice and Relevance in the Changing World of Technology and Competition 2007-08
30 National Workshop on Distance control in chemical Industries in Collaboration with National Safety Council 2007-08
31 National Workshop on Labour issuse, Globalization and Labour 2007-08
32 Regional Workshop on Good Governance 2007-08
33 National Seminar on 'Democratic Decentralization and Tribal Labour' 2007-08
34 National Seminar in ‘Challenges in Building Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Development Programmes ’ 2007-08
35 National Seminar on Human Resource & Employment : Opportunities and Challenges. 2007-08
36 National Workshop on Emerging issues related to construction workers. 2007-08
37 National consultation on Salt Workers 2008-09
38 National Seminar on Micro Finance Evolving Strategies to Deepen and Broaden the outreach. 2008-09
39 National Seminar on Elimination of Child Labour & unorganized sector. 2008-09
40 National Seminar on Tourism & Labour : Opening vistas and emerging challenges. 2008-09
41 National Workshop on unorganised sector and Role of Media. 2007-08
42 National Seminar on impact of globalization on livelihood of fisheries workers. 2007-08
43 National Workshop on livelihood & social securities issues of Brick kiln Workers. 2009-10
44 National Seminar on Safety, Health and Welfare measures for construction workers. 2009-10
45 National Seminar on Labour Laws in 21st century. 2009-10
46 National Seminar on Status of work Life balance 2010-11

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