Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute’s library is an essential component of the Institute. The Library of M.G.L.I. came into existence in 1980 when the institute was established. It was established with a view to disseminate knowledge on Labour and related areas according to the needs of Govt. Officers, Faculty member, Research Scholars, Staff members and Students.

The size of collection as on 31st October, 2015 is 22000 books. The library also subscribes to periodicals and magazines. It has a rich collection of documents, which includes books, periodicals, reports & non-book materials etc. M.G.L.I also has its own publications which is available in Library.

The collection cover a host of subjects area as Psychology, Gender Studies ,sociology, Economics, Labour Economics, Industrial Relations, Child Labour, Female Labour, Migrant Labour, Industrial Safety, Environment, Occupational Health, Management, Personnel Management, Human Resource Management and Retail Management .The Library has Back Volumes, Working Papers, a set of the collected works of Mahatma Gandhi & Marx Engel’s, and Reference Books.

User satisfaction is the current day approach to Library service to cope with new development. It is basically a co-operative endeavor in resource development, sharing and its utilization. Our computerised library includes various range of services to the library members. The services offered by the library are:

  • Circulation & Reservation
  • Reference services
  • Inter library loan services
  • Current Awareness services
  • Bibliographical Services
  • Reprography services
  • SDI services
  • Serial control

For further details please contact:-

Name : Ms. B. R. Desai
Designation : Librarian
Institute Name : Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute
E-mail :
Phone No : 079 40013707
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