Seminars & Workshops

International Seminars

International Seminars / Workshops held Year
1 International Workshop on Research issues Concerning Home Based Workers 1989-90
2 Indo-Swedish Seminar on Work Environment (In collaborations with National Board of Occupational Safety and Health, Sweden and Ministry of HRD, GOI) 1992-93
3 Abolishing Child Labour system ILO - IPEC 1993-94
4 International Seminar on Informal Sector - International Experiences 2003-04
5 International Seminar on Disaster Management and fire Control Method and Equipment 2005-06
6 International Seminar on Globalisation and Human Resourse Developmant(Jointly Organised by MGLI & FES) 2008-09
7 International Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibilities. 2008-09
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