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Faculty, Officers and Research Staff

The Institute has two types of faculty: The core faculty and the visiting faculty. The core faculty is drawn from various disciplines such as Gender and marginalized groups, Sociology, Anthropology Economics, Labour Laws, Industrial Relations, Behavioural Science, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health and Public Administration. The visiting faculty is generally drawn as per requirements of the programmes from among the professional experts. The services of Trade Union Leaders, Civil Servants, Academicians are also availed of by the Institute.


Name of Faculty Designation
Prof. Dinesh Awasti Advisor Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
Prof. B. B. Patel Lead Consultant
Dr. Ayanendu Sanyal Assistant Professor (Economics)
Mr. Chandrik Rajdeep Assistant Professor (Social Work)
Mr. M C Gohil Course co-ordinator (PDIS, PDIETM)
Dr. Misha Vyas Assistant Professor (Informal Sector and Labour Issues)
Dr. Nisha Sengar Asst. Professor : Gender/Marginalized Groups
Dr. Parul Doshi Asst. Professor : Sociology/Anthropology
Dr. Suman Vaishnav Assistant Professor (Psychology)
Dr.Thakur Shailendra Prasad Assistant Professor (Public Administration)
Dr. Vanraj Vyas Assistant Professor (Mathematical Analysis and Research Methods)

Officers & Research Staff

Name of Officers Designation
Mr. Nitin M. Joshi Administrative Officer Class -1
Mr. S.J. Pancholi I/C Accounts Officer
Shri Y.B. Chauhan I/C Programme Officer
Mr. M. B. Vanara I/C Research Officer (Computer)
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