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Mahatma Gandhi Shram Sahyog Puraskar

Mahatma Gandhi Shram Sahyog Puraskar was instituted for the first time in the State of Gujarat and as per our knowledge, no similar award exists in any State or the Union Territory. We take pride that this initiative has started with the help of CII Gujarat Chapter.

About 'Mahatma Gandhi Shram Sahyog Puraskar'

Era of globalization opened up Indian economy and we started facing global suppliers. With the background of the protectionist regime, our manufacturing cost remained higher and quality a shade below the average in most cases. Due to monopoly in many sectors, innovation and customer now had a choice collecting goods of low cost and better quality. This forced the industry with outdated technology and obsolete practices and industry was forced to go for downsizing, closure, disinvestment, merger, or acquisition. Both Management and Unions have, though late, learnt costly lessons and now there is more understanding to work as a team rather than fighting it out as "WE" AND "THEY". Many organizations have taken conscious steps to bridge the gap between Management and Union. This has led Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute & CII to consider instituting an award in this field by evaluating performances of Managements and Union as a team.

Nomination & Conditions

Shram Sahyog Puraskar for outstanding performance by Management and Unions of unit will be awarded each financial year. Based on the evaluation of performance under various parameters leading to Industrial harmony and extraordinary financial results, the committee shall select the awardees.

  • Only the industries in Gujarat will be considered for this award
  • It will have 3 categories:
    • Industries employing less than 100 employees.
    • Industries employing more than 100 but less than 500 employees.
    • Industries employing more than 500 employees.
  • There shall be one award for each category.
  • Third party nominations are accepted.
  • A write up on the nominated not exceeding 1000 words must be submitted along with nomination form. The notes of success stories of these units and their write ups will be the property of the MGLI and the MGLI will have full rights to use these as case studies and as training tools while imparting training.
  • The award shall consist of a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.00/-, a certificate and Trophies for the company, the management and the unions in each category.
  • This amount of award shall only be spent towards welfare related activities for the workers.


Based on the evaluation of performance under various parameters leading to industrial harmony and extraordinary financial results, the award committee has selected the following companies out of 70 nominees for this puraskar;

  • Reliance Industries, Jamnagar - Large Scale Industries
  • Stovek Industries, Ahmedabad - Medium Scale Industries
  • Aquajel Chemicals Pvt. Ltd; Bhavnagar - Small Scale Industries

Mahatma Gandhi Shram Sahyog Puraskar was awarded for the year 2003-04 by the auspicious hands of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendrabhai Modi on 4th April, 2005 in the Auditorium of IIM.

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