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Post Diploma in Industrial Safety

The Institute offers a regular full time one year course in Industrial Safety. A certificate of Post Diploma in Industrial Safety is awarded to successful trainees by the Technical Examination Board of the Government of Gujarat. The diploma is recognised by the Government of Gujarat as an essential qualification both for appointment and retention of the job as Safety Officer in an industrial establishment (Fee Rs.:20,000)

P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Management

The objective of the course is to equip a person:

  • To contribute to the HR function in a commercial or other organisation or
  • To provide consultancy or other services in such areas as industrial relations, training or retraining, selection and recruitment, organisation of unorganised workers, etc.

The course represents a full time one-year study commencing ordinarily in the month of July. Any graduate is eligible to apply for admission (Fee Rs.:20,000)

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Post Diploma in Industrial Environmental Technology & Management

The objective of the programme is to enable a person to acquire the knowledge, system, skills, and objective necessary to contribute effectively to the Industrial Environmental Technology and Management function required in Industrial establishment (Fee Rs.:20,000).

Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Strategic Human Resource Management : The objective of the course is to improve
  • Understanding : of ways in which human resources in an organisation may generate / sustain competitive
  • Advantage: of processes in the management of human resources: and of issues arising from organisational change.

The programme represents a part-time one year course of study (Fee Rs.:15,000).

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